Group Activities

Privately owned and professionally managed, the Group is judiciously invested in the commodity, annuity and services businesses. Use of state of art technology and concepts, using forward and backward integration, in-house innovation and research have made us a global force to reckon with in each of our businesses.

The driving force behind our company is to meet the potential needs of each and every client. However big or small your requirement, it will be dealt with the same passion and professionalism.

Our group companies include the following:

Global Network Private Limited.

Global Telesolutions Private Limited.

Oil Natural Gas Private Limited.

Petrochemical Private Limited.

Power Trading Private Limited.

Megapower Private Limited.

Clean Energy Private Limited.

Renewable Energy Private Limited.

Green Energy Private Limited.

Energy Consultants Private Limited.

Aviations Private Limited.

Infradevelopers Private Limited.

Each of our ventures operates independantly. The need of the hour is expertise and experience. Our focus is on developing, endorsing and encouraging progress and development, for our group and society at large.

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