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Then there is Wind energy, this utilises the power of the wind to rotate a turbine which in turn is connected to a generator to generate electricity. To put up these plants, careful planning is required with detailed information being taken into consideration with regards to the flow of wind in the area where the plant needs to be set up. Great care and proper planning is required to successfully implement this type of a project. Slightest mistake can render the whole plant as unusable.

Then there is Hyro energy, this requires a huge water reservoir available to make the hydro turbine rotate and then generate electricity. Generally a Dam is built for such projects which collects and stores sufficient amount of water which is required to generate electricity. Water is a renewable source of energy and does not cause any kind of pollution. The only drawback for these projects is availability of water. These project sites are generally on river banks where one does not need to look for water. A dam is built obstructing the flow of water for a certain level of height after which it is released to continue the flow along the path of the river. These projects are a good initiative to provide electricity to the rural areas of India.

The advantages of business projects to deal with Clean Energy are plenty and varied.

No harmful emissions. So no adverse effect on the environment.
The Energy is renewable.
Even though these facilities are a little expensive to build, they require less maintenance and operation costs are lower.
Economic benefits cannot be overlooked, including a boost in eco tourism and tourism in general.

Clean Energy Pvt. Ltd., is active in India, promoting business projects and consulting several Govt. and private business houses in technical knowhow and expertise in Clean Energy supply. We have a team comprising of qualified experienced professionals who do this entire process with the accurate data available and all preliminary test results required for such projects.

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