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Iceland seeks cooperation with India in clean energy, IT

Updated on Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 15:05 IST

Mumbai: Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson hopes that India will enhance cooperation with Iceland in clean energy, IT and oil exploration in the near future.

"Iceland has tremendous potential in the areas of clean energy, oil exploration and IT and I have confidence that India and the state of Maharashtra will enhance cooperation with us in these sectors in the near future," Grimsson said while speaking to Maharashtra Governor S. C. Jamir last night.

Grimsson, who is currently touring India, was in Mumbai for two days and attended the dinner hosted by the Governor yesterday, a Raj Bhavan release said.

The President of Iceland said during his ongoing visit, he has sensed a new spirit of confidence in India.

Iceland admires India's diverse culture, history and its modern achievements, he said.

He said it was amazing to see democracy serving as a guiding spirit in India, a country of more than one billion people.

Welcoming Grimsson, Jamir said as the leading industrial state of India, Maharashtra needs surplus power. The state welcomes Iceland's cooperation in clean energy and other sectors, Jamir said.

Those attended Governor's dinner included Iceland President's wife Dorrit Moussaieff and the ministerial delegation accompanying him.


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