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Gujarat Power Project

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Facilities at the sites
Normally wind farms are located in remote, sparsely populated areas since availability of wind resource is higher in these areas. Such areas frequently do not have well laid roads. Hence additional investment is often necessary in order to clear the area, lay roads and lighting to ensure that the site is approachable.
However, the MDGEPL proposed sites are located at a distance of 10-15KM from the national highway 15 (NH 15) that cuts across the state of Gujarat. National highways in India are well maintained roads often frequented by large freight trucks. The sites are also connected to the NH15 through smaller service roads. The proximity to the highway makes the MDGEPL proposed sites very approachable and therefore significantly reduces the additional investments needed.

A characteristic feature in any Indian city is the presence of various village and settlements along highways. The same is the case with the MDGEPL proposed sites which have villages at close distance from where labour could be sourced for the personnel needed for construction and maintenance. The sites are located at a distance of around 250KM from the airport (around 4-5 hours away) and have excellent restaurants and lodging facilities nearby for visiting executives/managers.

Operational details
MDGEPL proposes to set up a 100MW capacity wind farm at the identified sites in Gujarat.

Wind electric generators and accessories.
MDGEPL proposes setting up 67 generators of 1.5 MW plate rating to achieve a total capacity of 100.5MW. This section details the minimum technical design parameters that the generators and its accessories would adhere to.

a) Wind electric generators (WEG)
MDGEPL proposes to use a Suzlon1500 KW rating (e.g. model S-82) Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) or an equivalent make from another manufacturer for the wind farm. This make is commonly used in India and is commercially available from various manufacturers. They are of a proven design for high, reliable performance and type tested by independent test authorities. They are grid-compatible for operation within the specified variations of voltage, frequency and current asymmetry.

The particular make of WEGs is also part of the latest approved list released by C-WET (Centre for wind engineering and turbines) dated 24.07.2008. Over 715 Nos. of S-82 model WEGs of Suzlon, aggregating to a capacity of 1077 MW have already been installed in Tamil Nadu , Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Additionally the WEG would ensure the following:
Withstand capability for maximum 10 min. average wind speed at hub height.
Withstand capability for maximum 2 sec. gusty wind speed at hub height.
Maximum operation wind speed, given as 10 min. average wind speed.
Maximum electrical power output.
Maximum rotor revolution speed.
Certified power curve.

The generators shall be induction generators (asynchronous) or synchronous designed for tropical environment, and in accordance with the relevant standards including IS:4722, IEC:34 and IEC:529.

They shall meet the following technical specifications as a minimum:

Degree of protection (IEC) IP54 (also provided with drain hole)
Power factor Minimum power factor at generator point shall be around 0.95
at any generating condition; if necessary using compensating capacitors
Current Asymmetry Approx. 10%
Efficiency Min. 0.9.
Insulation class (IEC 85) B.
Vibration category N.
The temperature rise at full load, ambient temp. 45?C, is preferably be in accordance with insulation class B (IEC-85).
The generators shall be provided with temperature sensors installed in the stator windings being part of the generator protection system.
Generators windings etc. must be special corrosion protected to cope with condensation problems caused by the high relative humidity/temperature gradient on the site.
Generator shall be protected against short circuit, earth fault, over load, over and under-voltage.
Generator construction, electrical and mechanical must withstand cut-in at antiphase.

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