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Gujarat Power Project

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b) Tower
The tower for the WEG is tubular and must be coated with corrosion proof layer so that it can withstand environmental impact for at least 25 years life time. The towers must have necessary arrangements to ensure safe access to nacelle.

Layout of the farm
WEGs would be located in rows perpendicular to the predominant wind direction with adequate spacing between the WEGs in a row and between two rows to avoid interference and wake effect. Spacing between two WEGs is defined in terms of the number of times of rotor diameter of the WEGs. Normally, spacing between two consecutive rows is kept more than the spacing between two WEGs in a row to reduce wake effect. Sitting the WEGs on a given area or preparation of layout plan of WEGs on a given area is known as Micrositing of WEGs. Micrositing is one of the most important activities of designing a wind farm. This plays a vital role in generation power from a wind farm. Proper layout of wind farm ensures optimum harnessing of the wind power potential. Now-a-days micrositing is done with the help of computer software programs. There are many software programs available for micrositing.

MDGEPL has already identified potential technical consultants (such as M/S Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd) who could carry out the micrositing and the layout of the farm.

Estimated annual generation
Estimation of annual generation is the one of the most important activity for examining the feasibility of installing a wind power project at any site. One of the key parameters that affects the annual power generation at a site is the capacity utilization factor of the wind electric generators. The capacity utilization parameter is, in turn, dependent on the mean annual wind speed and wind power density at the site and the type of wind electric generator employed.
The Gujarat government in its tariff determination order dated August 2009 takes an average CUF in Gujarat as 23%.

Current stage of the project
The project is currently in a pre development feasibility study phase. The sites have been identified and the wind resource at the site has been assessed through readings available from government undertaken experiments. The land which is currently owned by the government has been blocked for MDGEPL and could be bought within 7 working days. Potential EPC contractors have already been identified and quotes obtained.

The actual construction activities of the project will start once the funds are mobilized. A detailed project work/job completion schedule with the various activities, timelines and responsibilities would be provided to the investor. In case the investor wishes to conduct a due-diligence on the wind resource and other parameters at the site, full support would be provided by MDGEPL subject to an NDA agreement between MDGEPL and the investor.

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