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Power as we all know has become the blood flow of today's world. Without power everything we know will come to a standstill. There will be no light, Fans will not run, there will be no air conditioning to provide us the comfort in the burning temprature of the summers, no heating in the freezing cold for the common man. Everything around us today runs on power. we cannot imagine our world without power. If the regular power is cut off for load shedding, we immediately switch to our alternative sources of power like diesel generator or invertor etc.

Megapower Private Limited is engaged in Power generation infrastructure development. It is also in the business of taking annual operation and maintenance of power plants. The company is undertaking new or existing power projects for the aim of enhancing the capacity of the country's power generation ability. It is also envisioned to provide the existing infrastructure of power generation with the latest energy efficient and modernized technology so that the output of these existing Plants is made most efficient with minimum impact on the environment.

Today's world has witnessed the impact of the carbon footprint, so we aim to undertake our business by concentrating all our efforts to make the environment as safe as possible for the coming generations.

Since the power demand is continuously on the rise, there is a need to keep investing and increasing the power generation capacity of our country. There are various technologies available for power generation like nuclear power plant, Hydro Power plant, Steam Power Plant, Geo-thermal Power Plant, Gas power Plant, Wind Power Plant, Coal Power Plant, Fossil fuel power Plant.

We have set up a team of experienced people for consultancy, designing, engineering and implementation for each stage of the process, to make the projects undertaken by us a success with the most efficient equipment and technology. We also have a dedicated task force to maintain and operate these projects.

We are in the process of acquiring projects in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Our main focus is Hydro Thermal Gas based projects.

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