Not for Profit

Airvoice Group is committed to making a positive change and a difference to the environment and the well being of human beings. We strive constantly to do our bit, no matter how small. It remains our constant effort and inclination to better and increase the well-being of people and society in general by charitable aid and donations.

A decent but undisclosed percentage of our business earnings are reinvested back into society and people welfare projects. We try our best to invests back in social and economically viable projects that better mankind, and make a difference to the environment, healthcare and education.

For us, business and profit is not just about making big bucks but keeping our families and society happy and healthy, our land green, the air pure, and our children and future generation smart and able.

We try and undertake regular processes and donations towards:

Free medical camps and medication.
Upliftment of orphans and street kids.
Computer Literacy projects.
Clean Green Energy projects.
Environment Issues handing and funding.
Free Education.
Clothing and shelter.

THINK ABOUT IT. Do the same in your organization too!

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