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Airvoice Power Trading Private Limited

We are a company whose prime focus and main agenda is trading in power, facilitating PPA for our clients and operating all over India for buying and selling of power.

Our effectiveness results from access to the latest developments in information technology, market intelligence, a strong financial standing and creating a unique relationship with buyers and sellers.

Some of our main objectives is to undertake the business of purchase of all forms of power, generated both from conventional and non-conventional energy from any sources whether government, private, public or joint sector undertakings. The objectives also include to promote, plan, develop, promote, and establish an efficient and reliable power trading system. We have the necessary skills, manpower, management and experience to handle and manage power trading operations in India.

We Conduct business based on latest trends and market dynamics but at the same time care for our suppliers, backend and customer needs. Being trustworthy and ethical are our foundation principles and we strive to deliver results and bring value to all concerned. Both customers and our suppliers. We try and conduct our business professionally with transparency, commitment and an uncompromising integrity. Airvoice Group is based on these value codes.

Power Trading in India

In India, there is a very high demand for power but a moderate supply resulting in a power deprived consumer base. Also there are a lot of regions in the rural areas which are not even electrified till date. Then there is also a problem of Captive Power Plants being inefficient and running at less than 100% capacity. The grid is mostly over burdened with the demand for power which makes the equipment deteriorate faster than the expected time.

The Electricity Act, 2003, mandated development of power markets by appropriate commissions through enabling regulations. This paved the way for the new trends to emerge like Open Access and the one in February, 2007, when the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) issued guidelines for grant of permission for setting up operation of power exchanges within an overall regulatory framework. The emerging trends will help in proper flow of power from surplus regions to deficit regions and thus try to bring about a balance in the power sector. The National Electricity Policy, pronounced in February 2005, stipulated that enabling regulations for inter-and-intra-state trading, and also regulations on power exchange, shall be notified by the appropriate Commissions within six months. On 6th February 2007, the Central electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) issued guidelines for grant of permission for setting up and operation of power exchanges within an overall regulatory framework. Private entrepreneurship is allowed to play its role. Promoters are required to develop their model power exchange and seek permission from CERC before start of operation.

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