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We have a very limited supply left of fossil fuels and at the current rate of consumption they will be consumed within this century itself. This makes it utmost important to start building infrastructure for other technologies of generating energy. One of these technologies is Bioenergy. It is a sustainable energy system which relies on different types of wastes.

We do projects for biomass energy, Waste Management, Waste to energy and sustainable biofuels. This technology promises to address many of our problems.

One major solution it provides is that of utilizing of waste to produce energy and thus saving us from the need to take care of disposing off the waste and also provide energy to us. For each metric ton of waste approximately 0.7 MW of electricity can be generated. By this figure one can access that if we build such projects we will be contributing to saving the environment, address the global warming issue and the greenhouse gases emissions problem as well. There should be a minimum heat content of 2300 - 2500 kcal/kg For self-sustaining combustion. It is not feasible for combustion below 1500 - 1700 kcal/kg.

The waste available in India has a heat content of 750 to 950 kcal/kg due to a varied climate spectrum in India. This makes it very difficult to use this raw material directly for incineration, It is a necessity therefore, to prepare this waste to make it suitable for incineration and the further process of making alternative fuel and also generate electricity during the process. Biomass energy in lieu of fossil fuels is an upcoming alternative for power generation. However we still have a long way to go for this technology to evolve, the government needs to design policies to promote this technology. The raw material is available in abundance and will pave the way for rural development also. This is a boon for the rural areas which are still not connected to the grid and are deprived of the benefits of electricity.

Then there is a more popular solution in Solar energy. As we all know solar energy is a free and renewable source of energy available throughout India. There are various technologies available to harvest the Solar energy. Photovoltaic is one of the most popular technology available. In order to harvest this approximately 1 Sq. Mtr. of space is required to generate 100 W of energy.

Another source of renewable energy is Wind Power. This technology is feasible in places where there is regular wind available. Wind turbines are placed strategically to utilize the wind energy most efficiently and these turbines then in turn generate electricity.

The company is presently focusing most of its energies in Gujarat. An 100 MW Wind Farm is under development as of December 2009.

It is a first of its kind Wind Farm having both Wind and Solar output on the same plant. Perhaps one of the first of its kind in the world, boasting of such a dual output.

Work is in progress. Signed an MOU with Metatron Danke Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., In the vibrant Gujarat Summit. Total cost wind : 650 crores. Solar: 2100 crores.

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