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India is producing more than 13,00,00,000 tons of biomass yearly. This biomass is surplus and is capable of generating more 16,000 Megawatt of energy, this much energy enhancement in India can solve the electricity shortage problems very quickly. North India is capable of producing more than 75% of these projected figures of which Rajasthan alone is capable of producing more than 25% of the projected figures for North India for biofuel.

Then there is the technology for Bagasse cogeneration. This technology has been adopted in the states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The potential of these states alone in this technology is more than Fifty Five percent. In 2006, the combined capacity of plants using this technology was being used to produce more than Five Hundred Eighty Megawatt of energy (this includes both On Grid and Off Grid systems).

By 2012 the capacity of the existing plants and new plants, together is planned to cross One Thousand Two Hundred Megawatt in these states alone.

The resources made available by biomass can be utilised in rice mills, sulphuric acid, caustic soda, paper industry, Fertilizers, cotton textile, iron and steel, aluminium, refineries and man-made fibres.

In 2002 in India this technology was producing Three Hundred and Eighty megawatt approximately. In 2007, the operational plant using this technology had reached a figure of One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty megawatt capacity. In these five years India has almost enhanced its capacity to three times what it was producing in 2002. The states which have contributed to this aspect are Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

These states own a share of more than 75% of the total installed capacity mentioned above, since these states are very rich in the resources of Biomass.

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